Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am so lazy...I haven't had a bath nor has my child for two days!!! Two days and it doesn't even bother me at all... My house still looks like a tornado hit it.. doesn't really bother me either.. My times have changed for me. I would have never been home on a long weekend muchless with a dirty house, dirty baby, dirty cats, and a dirty me. But I am not caring to be honest.

I have had the most difficult week as an educator. I have learned a lot. Mostly it doesn't really pay to be a good person and tell the truth. It doesn't except for the fact that I go home at night with a clear conscience and knowing that I work hard and I do what is best not myself but for the good of others. I admit fault, mistakes, and I do not point out others mistakes. i also learned even if someone is not telling the truth you stand up for them and you stand as a team.

My conscience is clear. I also realized how crazy people are and how far people will take things to settle a score over issues that really doesn't matter. I kept thinking this week I get to go home to a wonderful child that God has blessed me with life moves forward. Well, I need to go back to my laziness blogging is just way to much work for me... With Love, Bamaslammer