Thursday, January 30, 2014

dark days....

I still have those dark days even though my father passed away 3 years ago. I still feel the pain of his loss. Anyone that has ever lost a parent completely gets this. I think that is why, Mr. Wonderful and I get along famously. He lost his mom to cancer and I lost my dad to diabetes.

Both of our parents endured extreme sickness and pain at the end of their lives.  We both watched our loved one die. I know that I feel as though I am blessed to have known he was dying and that he was ready to go to the other side.

At first, his death was a relief a very bitter-sweet moment. He no longer sufferers and he will be reunited with his mother, father, and brother whom he missed dearly.  But, the selfish me misses talking to him and his words of wisdom. I always pretended that I didn't listen to his words of wisdom. But I truly soaked up his advice and talks. There are days where I wish to hear his voice and watch him play with my daughter one more time. The problem with one more time is I would never want that one more time to end.

I think that is what makes me the saddest my daughter will never know the love of her grandfather. She will never know how tough he was on the outside but ohh so soft on the inside. She will never know the ability his children and grandchildren had to  make him laugh and make his heart melt.

I feel my dad's presence all the time and will share some of the stories at a later date. I see him and other passed away relatives in my dreams which brings a sense of comfort to me.  I am sure in my dreams they are giving me advice. The question is am  I listening this time to the advice or am I waiting to mess up and then take their advice? Is advice better coming from you now that you are dead? Okay that is a joke... Sort of a joke...a very bad joke....

Stay tuned for a weird story or two.... This is my blog of the day.
With love, bamaslammer

Monday, January 27, 2014

Introducing Mr. Wonderful.......

Yes, I am dating Mr. Wonderful......
Yes, I am a lucky lady.......

No, It's not Matt Dillon from one of the greatest movies ever, Mr. Wonderful.
My Mr. Wonderful is better than Matt Dillon any day of the week.

TOP 10 Reasons why I like Mr. Wonderful
TOP 10 Reasons he will dump me sooner or later....

10. He  remembers the exact day we started talking and our first date.
     He quizzes me on this and my response "somewhere around Veteran's Day" Big Fat F for me

9. He is very cold natured. He sleeps in fleece-head to toe.
    I am extremely hot natured.  Let's say, I dont sleep in fleece- :)  ..
    He probably likes that I dont sleep in fleece.... :) A++++++++++ for me

8. He rises early and makes or buys breakfast.
    I'm  still whining about having to crawl out of bed. Big Fat F for me

7. He is a patient man, obviously.....
    I'm  patient with my students not so much with adults I'm dating. Big Fat F for me

6. He listens to NPR
   NPR is that the local Hip/Hop or Country Music Station. Big Fat F for me

5. He is planning to hang a picture of some jazz dude over his bed.
    Umm... no...A++++  for me ( you should hear what I want to replace it with) :)

4. He is a phone caller.
    I am a texter. A++++ for me (I like his phone calls)

3. He doesn't curse or say dirty things.
     I curse  and say lots of dirty things..
    He doesn't like that I curse BUT he loves that I say dirty things...... :) A++++++++++ for me

2.  He is a listener.
     I'm a talker.
     I cant believe he listens to the junk I have to say....
    No One listens to ALL the junk Ive gotta say. (Poor Guy)

1. He is supportive.
    I have wild Crazy Dreams and he doesn't laugh when I share them with him. :) 
Instead, he says...."YOU can do it", "YOU are talented".... "Let's Do It"....A+++++ for me... :)

There are so many more reasons...  This post will be continued..

This is my blog of the day...With Love, Bamaslammer....


tea party?

Baby bamaslammer is planning a tea party for her birthday. This is what she has constructed so far.....
 She is so proud of herself! She keeps giving me minute by minute updates of her progress with her tea party set up. I'm not much of a "dream squashier"

 But....can I allow her and her best friend to sit on a dirty porch and a dirty towel and drink tea? I dont think I can sit back and allow her and her BFF to get some disease from the dirty porch..

I am developing  some plans.....

Plan A

A big storm came in the night and some how blew everything over on the screened in porch.

Plan B
Those sneaky raccoons that get into the garbage  must have broken into the screened in porch and had a party  with your stuffed animals.

Plan C
Baylee the cat, who is blamed for absolutely everything that goes wrong in the house, is up to no good again and destroyed the tea party set up.

Whichever option I select this allows me to take over the tea party set up. Hey, nothing is wrong with a "helpful" white lie.. I'm gonna take the chance to make things  "beautiful" before she discovers her mother is a  "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire....."

Stay tuned for a beautification plan....

This is my blog of the day. With Love, Bamaslammer

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hey Internet.... Your the biggest B+++h I know!

I have a love-hate relationship with online quizzes. Basically, I love to take them because the quizzes are fun to take. I hate them because they always say I'm a big ole' b+++h. OK...maybe not like.."Bamaslammer... You are a b++++h" but they might as well.....

They lure you in by saying "Which Disney Princess are you?" innocent enough.... So you think....

Until you read this......


Thanks Internet.....

I wanted to be Cinderella!!!!!!! 

On to the next results....It will have to better....

"Which Golden Girl are you?" Innocent enough......

Until you read this...

You are Sophia. Wit and quick comebacks are two of your strengths. You think on your feet and sometimes can shock people with your truthful insights. Yes, you can be very honest with people, but this does not mean you do not care about their feelings. It is quite the opposite- you care very much about the people close to you and try to shield them from pain. You may be outspoken, but nobody could ask for a better friend!

This is a few years....


Hey Internet.... YOU are the biggest bitch I know... I've gotta quiz for you!!!!
Let's see how you rate? I bet you will rate as a bigger b+++h than me.

 Go suck it Internet!
This is my blog of the day. With love, bamaslammer



Thursday, January 23, 2014


   I am steadily approaching 40 and it scares me.  I try to stay somewhat "in touch" with the younger generation.  By checking out their music, trends, and the occasional TV shows.   I had free HBO this past weekend and thought I would check out what the kids are watching. This show "girls" is an HBO series that  won awards and is a break out hit.  

Below is a summary of the show-

HBO summary. Aspiring writer Hannah gets a shock when her parents visit from  and announce they will no longer financially support her as they have done since her graduation from Oberlin College two years before. Left to her own devices in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, she and her friends navigate their twenties.

My summary or what I like to call, the truth. The show "girls" is a show created by a bunch of rich kids whose parents finally told them to get a job..  This show throws in every social taboo it can possibly think of to get a reaction from its audience which has to be a bunch of teenage girls.  This is the only audience I can think of that would be remotely interested in watching this show.  This show showcases abortion, miscarriages, sexual harassment in the workplace, teenage marriage, every kind of sex you can think of and nudity. The main character also represents the special needs population but obviously she does so unintentionally (yes, that read exactly how I wanted it to read). I am all about some sex and foul language in my TV shows but I cannot stomach watching ugly people have sex. You know you feel the same way!!! Nothing...I mean nothing is worse than watching ugly people get it on.  I hurl!!  That makes me think of one of the many reasons I will never be swinger...have you noticed swingers are never attractive... NEVER....Its like on the application.. "You must be unattractive to be a swinger".....just an observation......

Each  leading female character is a daughter of a  wealthy mom or dad who is in the entertainment industry (documentation below). No one would hire the "girls" because they are not talented, creative, or attractive in the least bit. The girls decided, (insert your best rich girl accent and twirl your hair) "Ive gotta get a job so I thought I would write a screenplay my dad said he would hook us up and we can act in it and become famous."
IT FREAKING WORKED and I am FREAKING JEALOUS!!!!!!IT WORKED! Guess who is staring in a hit TV show, rich, and famous...... it would be..... these chicks..
..kill me now...another plan comes together for a rich kid!


I thought the show might be somewhat of a "Sex and the City" rip off. I thought HBO is looking for the same magic they had with the Sex and the City. If they are looking for the same magic ummmm......I hate to break it to you HBO but

 After watching 13 episodes. YES, 13... because ( a) I was hoping it would get better and I would see what the "magic" is ( b) it is a train wreck and I couldn't stop watching... episode after episode it continued to get worse which I didn't think was possible

I hate to break it to you HBO but this ain't it....... You need attaractive characters, cute hair, shoes, interesting story lines, and a Mr. Big.....
I'm glad the HBO was free..... This is my blog of the day. With love, bamaslammer

Supporting Documentation here--

Many of Dunham's co-stars are daughters of famous names in the entertainment and media industry. Jemima Kirke, a high school friend of Dunham who also appeared in Tiny Furniture, is the daughter of Simon Kirke, drummer of Free and Bad Company.[24] Zosia Mamet is the daughter of playwright David Mamet and actress Lindsay Crouse, granddaughter of playwright Russel Crouse and great-granddaughter of writer and educator John Erskine. Allison Williams is the daughter of NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams.[12]

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Baby bamaslammer brought home a picture she drew at preschool. I noticed   the picture is labeled with "Mr. Luther King Jr." So I start asking questions...I knew it would get interesting.... Standby for a short essay on Martin Lurther King, Jr. as told by a soon to be five year old.

So baby bamaslammer..,,who is Martin Luther King, Jr?
Baby: he died!
Me: OK
Baby: yeah he got shot and died.
Me: OK, why did he get shot?
Baby: yeah, he wanted ppl to be nice to black ppl...
And................white ppl..........he wanted everyone to be nice to each other.....
And he got shot and died......
Me: What is he doing in the picture you drew?
Baby: he is standing in the rain holding a flower...he is a statue.....

Yes, he got shot and died. To her that is the most interesting part of the story. I think most five year olds would agree with her. The part she got is Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted  us to be nice to each other. I will take that as a lesson learned today. I love to look at things through her eyes. It makes me think about how sweet and innocent she is and how life has not tarnished her, yet. I want her to stay little and sweet.

This is my blog of the day. With love, bamaslammer

Monday, January 20, 2014

Thank you for your service.

Mr. King, Jr,

Thank you for your service to our nation. Our nation continues to be a work in progress.  

This is my blog of the day. With Love, Bamaslammer

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Day for Lovers... :)

Valentines Day!

......or is it "single awareness day". Every year for many years Valentines Day has been single awareness day for me.. Even when I was in a relationship Valentines Day wasn't anything special it just reminded me of what a selfish jerk  (not bitter) I lived with and how lonely and unhappy I was and how much I needed to make a change.

I made a  change over four years ago and I have never looked back and I have never regretted moving forward with my life.  By letting go of what could have been, I found happiness.

 Over the years I have attempted to date.  The dates were about  as interesting as Obama Care.    I thought I was destined to live a life of raising my daughter and collecting cats.

Until.........This cutie came walking through my door......more about the cutie...later..stay tuned to future post..

Now the pressure sets in Valentines Day..Ive never had someone who actual cares about my happiness which makes me really care about his happiness.  I find myself googling, asking,  and over thinking what is appropriate or inappropriate ( :) ) gifts for a male on Valentines Day. Should I buy chocolate, wine,  lingerie, handcuffs  :), or a magazine subscription???  too much???

This is a wonderful "problem" to have and I am thankful for this problem.

 This is my blog of the day. With Love, Bamaslammer