Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blame Ms. Justice

My blog is for enjoyment. This is my way of expressing my nice thoughts or venting my anger at the world or just adding my two cents. I don't expect anyone to care or even read my blog but it makes me feel better to blog.

Okay back to Ms. Justice she was my English teacher in high school. She was a very interesting person. She always wore those polyester skirts, jackets, hose, and high heels. Ms. Justice was always dressed and came to work ready to educate us "thugs'. Us thugs could careless about the correct way to pronounce "tired' or "tared". I have many more examples that I am sure I will share at a later time. Ms. Justice also had perfectly fixed hair and painted in eyebrows in which I could not take my eyes off of. I remember the day that one of my classmates told me she rode Harley's I imagined her riding Harley's two ways the first being with her perfect hair (no helmet), hose, polyester suit etc. (you get the idea). The other way is that she is completely leathered up from head to toe, chaps, shirts with skulls, a bad ass helmet. If I was not visualizing her on the back of a Harley. I was flirting with Shane the kid who sat next to me. Who at that time looked just like (in my eyes) Donnie Walhberg from New Kids on the Block! I had plenty to say to Shane and therefore could not give a crap about English class. I came to class with an agenda and it had nothing to do with Ms. Justice's agenda. The first 1. Talk to Christal who sat on the other side of me about New Kids on the Block (I will at a later date have more to say about Christal). 2. Flirt with Shane the Donnie Walhberg look a like. 3. When a kid named Carlos came by the room to go to his locker I yelled at him every single day "Hey Car-less where are you walking too". I know that is not funny but it sure was funny at the time. All of us Christal, Shane and everyone around laughed.

The above story explains why I have crappy grammar and cannot write a decent sentence to save my life.

Now let me explain why I cant spell. Back then we had spelling tests. I cheated on every spelling test that ever came my way until I got caught. Every week I would write down my spelling words on a little "cheat sheet" and every week I would make a 100. Until, I decided to cheat the way my friend Christal cheats instead of using my cheating method that has worked for me everytime. I wrote the words on a piece of paper and hung them outside of my English book. I placed my arm over the words and would lift my arm to look at them. Well, I do not remember how far along I got on the Spelling Test but Ms. Justice called out my name and asked " Shay are you looking at your arm or are you cheating". of course I replied "I am looking at my arm". She said "okay" and she called out the next word. I thought to myself I have actually gotten away with this! Then out of nowhere Ms. Justice says" Well let me look to make sure". She came walking over to my desk I lifted my arm and I said "busted". Needless to say she gave me some kind of speech and a zero.

So when you read my blog and you laugh at my grammar, sentence structure, and my spelling go and remind your children that English class might be the class you need to pay attention in. This is my blog of the day.. Love, Bama Slammer

Monday, July 14, 2008

July 14, 2008 Monday-Friendship

My friend Theia is a "blogger". Reading her blog has inspired me and trust me it takes a lot to do that. If you do not like this blog you may want to email Theia and let her know your thoughts.:) . Theia and I grew up together in the great state of Bama... I guess you might have assumed that since the title of the blog is "Alabama Slammer"... I turned another year older this past weekend and getting older has brought out the sentimental old fool in me. So here it goes.....

Friendships have really been on my mind lately. I have always had a great knack or could it be great luck at picking out really great friends. I do credit "friendship building" to the small town that I grew up in. I went to a small county school and you pretty much had to be friends with everyone. With 59 students in your graduating class you would have to hang out with people you didn't really like on the weekends and interact with them in class. That is just how it is and you better learn to get along. I hated that small town growing up and could not wait to move away but now that I am older I am Thankful for living in a town where everyone knows your name and your business..:) okay maybe I could do without the business part... yeah.. now that I think about it that is why I moved... :)

What would I have done without my wonderful friendships lately? I wouldn't have made it... I know that... When times were tough my friends pulled me through and what makes friendships even more special is that I am not sure they even know how much they have helped me through the difficult times in my life lately. I will be forever grateful!

I moved away to Florida many years ago and thankfully I have made some wonderful lifelong friends here also. I can call those Bama./GA/FL friends any minute of the day and it is as if time has stood still and we pick up right were we left off.... I know I am "lucky" and I know the friends that I have made in my life are my big lottery "Power Ball" Pay out...:) Thank you friends! This is my blog of the day...... with love, bama slammer