Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not Your Business :)

Having a child is a huge responsibility and there is absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting the responsibility. Which takes me to my "beef" with those who constantly ask people who are childless "When are you going to have children?" agg. That is an extremely personal question and it is not everyone's right to know. If it was that person's business I am sure the "news" or "information" would have already been shared with them.. right...

Asking when someone is going to get married can also fall in that category. In my opinion it doesnt come close to "When are you going to have children?".

I use to say to people when they would ask me "When are you getting married?" "When I want to be as miserable as you.." :) Now I just say "When I feel like it" or "never" or "you will be first person I share the news with". It really depends on my mood that day. That question doesnt bother me but I can understand how it could bother others.

Asking someone when they are going to get married is one thing but when they ask "Are you going to have children?" is another one. Having children is such a personal thing. I am glad to have my babybamaslammer and I love her more than anything in the world. Having her has been truly life changing. I dont even speed anymore because I worry of what might happen to her if something happens to me. Instead of thinking of what drink am I going to drink, what am I going to pick up for dinner, and where am I going dancing this weekend. I think of the future now not just the current minute of the day. I plan.

Just once when asked "When are you going to have children?" I want someone to say "After I met your kids I decided to never have children". :) I think it would be funny and I bet they would never ask that question again. This is my blog of the day. With Love, Bamaslammer


This is a photo of my little monkey in her Easter Dress. I think she looks cute but what kind of mom would I be if I didnt think so. I went back home to Alabama for Easter and to attend a little party for baby bamaslammer. My mom bamaslammermom threw a party for her first granddaughter. She invited the family and a couple of my close friends. We had a great time and I will be posting more photos from the party. Baby Bamaslammer did her best to hold out and enjoy the party fun. But with the long drive and all the excitement of meeting her friends and family she completely wore down. She is still trying to recover today. I think she has slept more in the past few days than she has her entire infant life. I am not minding one bit. I am rocking her, holding her, feeding her, and reading to her. I am loving it! Baby bamaslammer on the other hand is annoyed with me at times. She just wants to be left alone to kick in the floor and make noises. I am glad for her independence but deep inside my heart is melting a little bit already. I think to myself it wasnt long ago you and I were up all night and you needed and wanted me and now.. baby bamaslammer you are spreading your wings a little bit and it is killing me! This is my blog of the day... with love, Bamaslammer