Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weight Watchers..What a Bi*c*!

Yeah you heard me! Weight Watchers What a B*tc*! Yes I started the program again today. I really hate it! I became inspired again watching Jennifer Hudson last night on 20/20.. I also became inspired by the thought of putting my big fat butt in a bathing suit! Yuk and Gross! Inspiration came again when I went to the dr and had to put my butt on the scale. Yes, I fought about it. I didnt win. I told the lady I really didnt need to get on the scale. I was just fine with giving her an estimate of my weight. She kindly replied, "It is between me and the dr." I said, "I dont want him to know, he weights 120 lbs soaking wet." No humor was found in that statement except by me. The biggest inspiration is my "work-husband" we share a classroom and he is making great progress on the Adkins Diet. I cant let him get away with that! I must steal his thunder! I am always giving him a hard time he cant completely defeat me with his weight loss.

I do think Weight Watchers is a good program. They make it quite easy with the tracking. The rest is up to you.I remember the old days when you had to write everything down. That wasnt fun and it was certainly hard to keep up with. My friend Harris asked me to join the program the other day. I said "What- you think I am fat?, I am going to cry." Harris wants to go to meetings. I prefer to work the program on line. It can be difficult for me with a little one to get to the meetings and it certainly is hard to plan. So wish me luck and I am sure you will get to read about my day to day drama with the weight watchers plan.. I know you cant wait for the post! :) lol

I will gladly give you my address if someone can send me some phen-phen...
With Love, Bamaslammer