Sunday, November 30, 2008


No matter how you feel about country music you cant deny this chick has talent. Miss Taylor Swift I do like her songs and I am blown away by the fact she is just 18 years old. She writes her own music and plays the guitar. Miss Taylor also has a charm about her. After watching the country music awards I have been paying closer attention to her and watching her interviews. She seems quite normal and very unaware of her true talent and the power she possesses with the number 1 album in the country. Taylor seems to be in the music industry because that is her love and not because of the celebrity and the money. Her parents deserve a round of applause for raising such a talented, charming, and grounded person.. So maybe her parents should be the "Hot Mess of the Week"... This is my blog of the day..With Love, Bamaslammer

Saturday, November 29, 2008

So Much To Be THANKFUL FOR....

This Thanksgiving I had planned a dinner with my parents, Jason, and Jason's parents. I planned a whole day of cooking.,.. or lets just say a pick up time at the "Crackle Barrel".. The same as cooking to me. I called, I ordered, I paid, that is how we cook in my household....

Thanksgiving turned out to be a disaster... My parents couldn't come, Jason and I both were sick, Crackle Barrel's food I am sure is good but we couldn't taste it, and Jason's parents didnt want to catch the "funk" that we had...

So around 3 pm Jason and I sat at the table and had a few bites of the great Thanksgiving meal.. We sat there made small talk and I decided that no matter how bad we felt this Thanksgiving was nothing compared to our Thanksgiving last year and the many many people that do not have friends and families around.

Last year, I celebrated Thanksgiving and many other holidays in the hospital with my father. Some of those included Spring Break, Easter, Veterans Day, and we were planning of celebrating Christmas there as well. But... A miracle happened.

My father has severe diabetes and has been on the down turn for the last several years. Last year was the absolute worst year he has ever had. My father would be admitted to the hospital he would stay for at least a three week period of time and come home for about a week or two and be admitted again for another long period of time. He never got any better. It felt as if the doctors were buying time and I am sure they were. I remember in my prayers I would ask not for him to be healed because I felt his body had been over taken by disease but just time with him. Just time for him to feel better, to be able to walk again, and time for him to spend with his family. That is all I wanted. I know still a big request.

Many long days and nights were spent at that hospital just hoping things would improve. Many prayers went up to heaven. I know I could feel them all! Although my father suffered great pain and we the family suffered so many emotional ups and downs. I wouldnt trade it for anything. All that time in the hospital gave me time to bond with him and see him as a human being. It allowed me to see that life can really change in an instant and it allowed me to see that the suffering some people do is a lot worse than death.

The experience made me question doctors and nurses. It also made me realize how valuable bedside manner is but it is certainly not the most important thing. The experience also made me understand that when a Burch is determined to do something the word "no" means "oh..yes I will"..and "get out of my way because I will show you something or die trying!" I am just sorry that he had to go through what he did to allow me and many others to see how precious life is, family is, and friends are.

On a lighter note, he has not been hospitalized in one year! This is not the best picture of him. The picture was taken around March or April. He doesnt look like he feels his best. But it is the only one I have in my camera of him. This is my blog of the day..Withlove, Bamaslammer

Friday, November 21, 2008

Childbirth Class..... let me tell ya...

I could think of 1 million things I would rather be doing than attending a childbirth class..when I signed up I just didnt know any better... I am all hyped up on prenatal vitamins and hormones to know that childbirth class would be a complete downer and cause me to have nightmares.

Of course I called to register for the childbirth classes because a friend encouraged me to do so. The class was full in November and December but the instructor graciously let me in the class. My friend told me how helpful the course was and how much the class made her feel at ease..yes, I took the bait... Throughout my pregnancy I have taken the approach that the less I know the better off I am. In the beginning of my pregnancy I did read some of the books but they panicked me and I decided that if a problem occurred then I would then look it up or ask my doctor. Thankfully, my pregnancy has been pretty uneventful.

I took my friends advice and attended my first childbirth class on Tuesday. I was nervous about it but I felt as though the people in the class would be in the same boat as me so I didnt worry to much. .WRONG... first mistake...

They all seemed to a least know a baby.. I dont really even know any babies, anymore and I certainly dont have a clue to what babies do daily much less having a baby. I am smart enough to sit in the back of the room by a girl who looked rather young. I thought I cant go wrong sitting beside her because I am sure I know more than she does just because I am old.. WRONG AGAIN...

The instructor asked us to go around the room and introduce ourselves you know the typical information name, doctor'name, and number of children, etc. I would assume if you are attending a childbirth class you are expecting your first child... WRONG AGAIN...

The first lady states I am _ and this will be my fourth child! The panic set in.. shouldnt she be teaching the class not taking the class... yep, show off she is.. She went on to say that well I go to the "ROC" because one of us is older. Yeah one of us.. that would be her who is she fooling. I had to go to the "ROC" myself for testing because one of us is older also...:) noo, not because one of us is older.. Jason is older but I am 34 and that takes on a whole new meaning when having babies. I didnt know that until the "ROC" people kept asking me my age over and over again.. The "show off" went on to say "you know they send you there after the age of 25".. No, who are you trying to fool... That was the only part that made me feel better about the class. Is that the "show off" was paranoid about her age. And I was not the oldest chick in the class like I thought I would be..

After all the introductions were complete the instructor passed out a term sheet and a quiz. Jason and I got one right on our quiz well Jason did. Jason gave me the answer and I got to yell it out like I knew something. The instructor then asked how many of us had a "birth plan"... The young chick beside me raised her hand.. I felt betrayed I sat beside her because I didnt think she would know a thing. It turned out she knew most of the answers on her quiz and had a "birth plan". WRONG AGAIN

By this time the class takes a tour of the maternity floor. I take the tour and listen to all of their questions and the instructor's feedback. I realize that I know less than what I thought I did and it scared me even more. The first hour of the class I think I said maybe five words to Jason the second hour I didnt talk at all. I know, you know I was traumatized if I didnt have anything to say. All the color drained from my face and I was doing all I could do not to cry in front of the other childbirth class participates.

The anxiety was just rushing through me. Finally the class was dismissed and Jason and I are walking to the car. Jason keeps taking and talking. The first part of the conversation all I hear is blah.. blah... blah.. and then all the sudden he says.. "Do you realize that this is a level one treatment center? and if something happens to the baby they are not going to know what they are doing?" I dont think he realized what he said...obviously.... . he continued on and on and on. I couldn't say a word the tears started flowing and I couldn't hide the fact that I was terrified. I finally turned to him and said "Just Shut up" "Just Shut Up"! and those of you that know me know that I used many colorful words during my rage towards him. I am sure all of those people in the class behind us got their ears full and cant wait to see what happens next week when we return to the class. This is my blog of the day... Love, Bamaslammer

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama..where the sky is always blue...

The Country Music Awards.. I watched some of it but not all of it. I am waiting on the repeat on the Country Music Video Channel. I missed the first hour and then I went to sleep. We have that DVR thing on the TV I know how to record but I am not real sure how to find it after I record it. That is what my Christmas break will be about is figuring out how to work the TV. What I did see of the awards was great! I did get to see my main man "King George". For you non George lovers... "King George" is George Strait. I like calling him "King George" just something about it.. Maybe because he seems like a really nice humble person and would be embarrassed about it and I like to embarrass folks. I really think that is why. I love the ole'king and I am not sure why or when this love started. To tell you the truth I wish it would have started in college when I would have a couple of drinks and karaoke and completely humiliate myself. I think King George's songs would have been the best karaoke songs especially for the fine establishments my college friends and I hung out in. I know it would have been a real crowd pleaser. Especially how I am sure most of the crowd could easily relate to all the songs King George sings. All of them seem to be about someone leaving him and I might add he has had the same wife about all of his life. I still think that is the most amazing accomplishment anyone could ever achieve. So it is obvious King George doesnt write his own songs and that his songs are certainly not based upon life experience. I have the CD that he won for Album of the year and it is good of course but I do think you must be a true George Strait fan to appreciate it which I am and I do.

Here is my "beef" with the Country Music Awards.. You had to know that I had one even though I technically watched the show for about an hour. Kid Rock using "Sweet Home Alabama" in his song... Yes, it really is a tough one to hear.. I am Alabama Born and Breed and I love that great state. But someone from Detroit using Sweet Home Alabama... bothers the devil out of me. Yes, I know that Lynard Sknyard is from Jacksonville, Florida who wrote and performed the song. But somehow that is different to me. Maybe because they actually spent time in Alabama. After I watch "Kid Rock" who always does an awesome job and who seems like a real person, I planned the next day to email the governor's office in Alabama and let him know that the song "Sweet Home Alabama" should be the state's anthem and should be protected under the law. The only people that should be allowed to sing the song are people who are from the state of Alabama or who have spent time there, coverbands playing at colleges where people from Alabama attend, and of course one of the original members of Lynard Skynard , and even fellow Alabamians who are out karaoking.

I have really thought about who should sing the song instead of "Kid Rock". I came up with very few options. Of course the first one that came to mind is the hometown folks the group "Alabama" but they are all getting up in age and do not have the spunk for it. Of Course, Hank Williams jr.. but he is also getting up in age but he certainly fits the criteria. He lived in Troy, Alabama my senior year in college.

Well, I only came up with two and I am not comfortable with either person or group singing the Alabama state anthem. I think I will just have to let go of my dream of only Alabamians singing the song and allow Kid Rock to continue with the song. At least it allows Northerners to know how really wonderful Alabama is.Plus I am afraid some Texan will write the governor of Texas and not allow anyone to sing the George Strait song "All my Exes Live in Texas".. just a random thought... This is my blog of the day, With Love, Bamaslammer

Free cat to a good home..

yep, you read it here first.. I am kidding but my beloved cat, BayLee, is about to put me in an early grave. Maybe it is hormones but my lord is he ever working the last nerve. I think Jason forgot to give him his nightly dose of Prozac and he has been a wild man since about 1:30 this morning. I have just twisted my ankle in the kitchen because I tripped over him. He refuses to get out of the way and I cant see him over my stomach. I think I am going to have him visit some homeless cats and let him know how his life could have been if he hadnt been rescued from a gas station. I am sure when he snuggles with me and my twisted ankle I will forget all about wanting to give him away, well maybe. This is my blog of the day.. With Love, Bamaslammer

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kim's WEAVE is the HOT MESS of the Week!

Yes, you read it here correctly.. not Kim but her weave.. The weave that needs our praise is the blonde one.. positioned on the head of the wannabe country music star..

Okay I admit I Love my BRAVO TV station.. that is basically all I watch well besides the News, Nancy Grace, and the E! channel.. Basically anything tabloid or pretend reality I LOVE... Back to my point. I watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yes, it is a dumb show and as I watch it I feel my IQ points going down the toilet.. But anyway I cant get enough of this Kim chick's weave and I feel as though it needs it's own reality show.. seriously the weave is pulling out overtime on Kim's head. What really cracks me up about the show is the women are so catty and they seem to call out everyone about anything... BUT not a word has been mentioned about Kim's busted wig/weave.. I mean do they really think the public thinks that is her real hair... come on... people.. I think I am going to send an email to the producers of the show and just say... If this chick is so rich why is she wearing a busted weave.. time for the weave to retire.. trust me from the looks of Kim.. the weave has served it's prison sentence and must be paroled... fast! I'm just sayin'.... This is my blog of the day! With Love, Bamaslammer

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am back online and have been for all of 5 minutes and boy am I glad. I have went without facebook and blogging for almost 1 month! Yes, 1 month! We have moved to be close to work and due to the baby coming and I felt that I had a million other things to do before I started back to my blogging... Oh how I have missed reading my friend Theia's website and checking in on my friends on facebook. The move has been a good move. We are in a bigger place and feel like we might have room for the baby now. I am enjoying being closer to work so far and I am feeling like I have more time in my day. Of course, I have been going back and checking in on the stray cats I had to leave behind. My sweet little neighbor is feeding them but it is still a tender topic for me to discuss and if you want to see tears roll down my face just mention the duo I had to leave behind.

The Internet installers just left and in the process they already made my elderly neighbor mad. Yep, Jason and I always seem to win friends anytime we move I just dont know how we manage. The installer said that the neighbor just came out and fussed at him because the cords (whatever they are called) had to run through his yard. Had I known that to begin with I would have found another way if I could but I didnt know.. So I guess Jason and I are once again on the neighbor's hit list.

LayLa the cat has adjusted well to the move. BayLee has been a whole different story. He is traumatized. In the middle of the night I would wake up to him trying to starch the cabinets, clawing underneath the bathtub, and going at the carpet. After countless times of "redirecting" him, spraying him with water (which he liked), placing him in timeout and spanking him. He had his claws trimmed and went on Prozac. He has been better but you can certainly tell when the meds were given to him to early and are wearing off. He gets back into his old habits fast. For example, the other night I was making up the bed and BayLee came out of nowhere and latched both paws and claws into my behind along with his teeth! Yes, that is a typical day when BayLee's meds are worn off! I dearly love my sweet BayLee but there were some trying times. I am glad to report I think we are all going to make it. Well I will keep you updated on the neighbor part. If I go off line suddenly..I think he might have cut my cords.. which the cable people said is illegal... but I really dont think he cares to be honest... this is my blog of the day. With Love, Bamaslammer