Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kim's WEAVE is the HOT MESS of the Week!

Yes, you read it here correctly.. not Kim but her weave.. The weave that needs our praise is the blonde one.. positioned on the head of the wannabe country music star..

Okay I admit I Love my BRAVO TV station.. that is basically all I watch well besides the News, Nancy Grace, and the E! channel.. Basically anything tabloid or pretend reality I LOVE... Back to my point. I watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yes, it is a dumb show and as I watch it I feel my IQ points going down the toilet.. But anyway I cant get enough of this Kim chick's weave and I feel as though it needs it's own reality show.. seriously the weave is pulling out overtime on Kim's head. What really cracks me up about the show is the women are so catty and they seem to call out everyone about anything... BUT not a word has been mentioned about Kim's busted wig/weave.. I mean do they really think the public thinks that is her real hair... come on... people.. I think I am going to send an email to the producers of the show and just say... If this chick is so rich why is she wearing a busted weave.. time for the weave to retire.. trust me from the looks of Kim.. the weave has served it's prison sentence and must be paroled... fast! I'm just sayin'.... This is my blog of the day! With Love, Bamaslammer


TheiaC said...


Posting 2 days in a go girl!!!

Speaking of weaves, Jen Chitwood told me and showed me pics of Jodi Cox who recently got a weave...I guess that's what you call it. I thought it looked really pretty on her. Evidently, she's always wanted to have long hair, so she just made it happen. Gotta admire that...

Hope you are feeling good! Love you and miss you!

Bama Slammer said...

I have worn a weave at times and I love the look.. it just makes your head really hot and sweatie and the maintaince that goes with it.... geez...... not enough time in the day... I have one in my closet but it looks like Kim's now.. :)