Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama..where the sky is always blue...

The Country Music Awards.. I watched some of it but not all of it. I am waiting on the repeat on the Country Music Video Channel. I missed the first hour and then I went to sleep. We have that DVR thing on the TV I know how to record but I am not real sure how to find it after I record it. That is what my Christmas break will be about is figuring out how to work the TV. What I did see of the awards was great! I did get to see my main man "King George". For you non George lovers... "King George" is George Strait. I like calling him "King George" just something about it.. Maybe because he seems like a really nice humble person and would be embarrassed about it and I like to embarrass folks. I really think that is why. I love the ole'king and I am not sure why or when this love started. To tell you the truth I wish it would have started in college when I would have a couple of drinks and karaoke and completely humiliate myself. I think King George's songs would have been the best karaoke songs especially for the fine establishments my college friends and I hung out in. I know it would have been a real crowd pleaser. Especially how I am sure most of the crowd could easily relate to all the songs King George sings. All of them seem to be about someone leaving him and I might add he has had the same wife about all of his life. I still think that is the most amazing accomplishment anyone could ever achieve. So it is obvious King George doesnt write his own songs and that his songs are certainly not based upon life experience. I have the CD that he won for Album of the year and it is good of course but I do think you must be a true George Strait fan to appreciate it which I am and I do.

Here is my "beef" with the Country Music Awards.. You had to know that I had one even though I technically watched the show for about an hour. Kid Rock using "Sweet Home Alabama" in his song... Yes, it really is a tough one to hear.. I am Alabama Born and Breed and I love that great state. But someone from Detroit using Sweet Home Alabama... bothers the devil out of me. Yes, I know that Lynard Sknyard is from Jacksonville, Florida who wrote and performed the song. But somehow that is different to me. Maybe because they actually spent time in Alabama. After I watch "Kid Rock" who always does an awesome job and who seems like a real person, I planned the next day to email the governor's office in Alabama and let him know that the song "Sweet Home Alabama" should be the state's anthem and should be protected under the law. The only people that should be allowed to sing the song are people who are from the state of Alabama or who have spent time there, coverbands playing at colleges where people from Alabama attend, and of course one of the original members of Lynard Skynard , and even fellow Alabamians who are out karaoking.

I have really thought about who should sing the song instead of "Kid Rock". I came up with very few options. Of course the first one that came to mind is the hometown folks the group "Alabama" but they are all getting up in age and do not have the spunk for it. Of Course, Hank Williams jr.. but he is also getting up in age but he certainly fits the criteria. He lived in Troy, Alabama my senior year in college.

Well, I only came up with two and I am not comfortable with either person or group singing the Alabama state anthem. I think I will just have to let go of my dream of only Alabamians singing the song and allow Kid Rock to continue with the song. At least it allows Northerners to know how really wonderful Alabama is.Plus I am afraid some Texan will write the governor of Texas and not allow anyone to sing the George Strait song "All my Exes Live in Texas".. just a random thought... This is my blog of the day, With Love, Bamaslammer


TheiaC said...


Did you know that I had Kid Rock tickets for my 30th birthday but got sick and did not go! Bummer!!! Me...Kid Rock??? It's true!!!

What if Lionel Richie sang Sweet Home? That would be a twist.

Hey, I'm having a contest @ my blog. You have until my bedtime tomorrow to dont' want to miss it!

TheiaC said...

OH yeah, I think Percy Sledge (When a man loves a women dude. could rock it out too...he's from Alabama.