Saturday, November 29, 2008

So Much To Be THANKFUL FOR....

This Thanksgiving I had planned a dinner with my parents, Jason, and Jason's parents. I planned a whole day of cooking.,.. or lets just say a pick up time at the "Crackle Barrel".. The same as cooking to me. I called, I ordered, I paid, that is how we cook in my household....

Thanksgiving turned out to be a disaster... My parents couldn't come, Jason and I both were sick, Crackle Barrel's food I am sure is good but we couldn't taste it, and Jason's parents didnt want to catch the "funk" that we had...

So around 3 pm Jason and I sat at the table and had a few bites of the great Thanksgiving meal.. We sat there made small talk and I decided that no matter how bad we felt this Thanksgiving was nothing compared to our Thanksgiving last year and the many many people that do not have friends and families around.

Last year, I celebrated Thanksgiving and many other holidays in the hospital with my father. Some of those included Spring Break, Easter, Veterans Day, and we were planning of celebrating Christmas there as well. But... A miracle happened.

My father has severe diabetes and has been on the down turn for the last several years. Last year was the absolute worst year he has ever had. My father would be admitted to the hospital he would stay for at least a three week period of time and come home for about a week or two and be admitted again for another long period of time. He never got any better. It felt as if the doctors were buying time and I am sure they were. I remember in my prayers I would ask not for him to be healed because I felt his body had been over taken by disease but just time with him. Just time for him to feel better, to be able to walk again, and time for him to spend with his family. That is all I wanted. I know still a big request.

Many long days and nights were spent at that hospital just hoping things would improve. Many prayers went up to heaven. I know I could feel them all! Although my father suffered great pain and we the family suffered so many emotional ups and downs. I wouldnt trade it for anything. All that time in the hospital gave me time to bond with him and see him as a human being. It allowed me to see that life can really change in an instant and it allowed me to see that the suffering some people do is a lot worse than death.

The experience made me question doctors and nurses. It also made me realize how valuable bedside manner is but it is certainly not the most important thing. The experience also made me understand that when a Burch is determined to do something the word "no" means "oh..yes I will"..and "get out of my way because I will show you something or die trying!" I am just sorry that he had to go through what he did to allow me and many others to see how precious life is, family is, and friends are.

On a lighter note, he has not been hospitalized in one year! This is not the best picture of him. The picture was taken around March or April. He doesnt look like he feels his best. But it is the only one I have in my camera of him. This is my blog of the day..Withlove, Bamaslammer


Anonymous said...

Is this from the pics the day you bought your camera in Scottsboro?

It has been a good year for Jim. He is a fighter, that is for sure. I love him and Sue!

TheiaC said...

Bamaslammer, happy to hear your dad is doing good. What a good reminder that I have a lot to be thankful for! Good job!